Yunus Akgün and Emre Akbaba decision from Domenec Torrent in Galatasaray! The latest situation of Kerem Aktürkoğlu…


Galatasaray Coach Domenec Torrent, while talking about the next year’s planning if he stays in the team after the election, announced the players he wants to see in the team.

The Spanish coach also announced the date when it will be clear whether Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who has an injury, can play in the Fenerbahçe derby.

Speaking to Ayhan Şensoy from Habertürk TV, Torrent’s prominent statements are as follows;


On the last day of April, there will be an election at the club. How does he plan for the next season if he continues with the new management?

“First of all, we want to bring back our important players Emre Akbaba and Yunus Akgün. I can easily say this because they are both players of Galatasaray. Next year we will have to play with more Turkish players. I care about 3 things in my football life. The first is to look at young players. If we do not have a player to make the A team, then I would like a transfer. If we can’t find young and Turkish players with the features we want, we can get 3-4 foreign players. But they should all be players who will make a difference. This is the idea we have in mind. Let’s see if we can do it?



Can you make a promise to the fans about playing the football in your head better next season?

“Promise is very vague in football. But I can say this; If I continue here next year, I will try to apply our playing style with Pep in Barcelona. We will need players of different styles for this game. I’m not talking about the better player. We have good players. For example, we need players who can play between the lines, and who can play on their natural feet if they are open. For this, we need to pass a pre-season camp. In New York City, we had a lower squad in theory than Galatasaray in terms of talent. But we were able to do whatever we wanted with those players. We have to create a style. I gave the example of Jurgen Klopp, it took 3 years to create a style.

We couldn’t win a trophy in our first year with Pep in Manchester City. In our second year, we broke the record with 100 points and became the champion. In football, the light does not turn on and off. If someone offers such a thing, if he promises, he is lying. A clear style for the future is established in football. You do this with people who believe and you move on. It is not possible to create anything by changing a teacher in 4-5 months. But by creating a style, you prevent losing. If you lose style, you lose everything. You just make a lot of money. You want to transfer the best players with that money. If you have style, you don’t need top actors. You need players who can play this style. This makes the difference.”



There is Fenerbahçe derby at the weekend. It will be the season finale for the fans. Because Galatasaray has no other claim left. How do you prepare for the derby?

“It would be wrong to look at this game only from this angle. In the remaining games of the season, the team must prove itself. Of course, this match is incredibly important. It is very similar to the Barcelona – Real Madrid matches. When Barcelona and Real Madrid don’t go well, when they win El Clasico, it’s like they saved the season. There’s absolutely nothing like that. We will definitely win the Fenerbahce match. We will give all our strength. But a match does not change the future of the players and the club. Whatever the outcome of the derby, we must try to win all the matches just for this club and for the Galatasaray fans.



Will Kerem Aktürkoğlu be able to play in the Fenerbahce match?

“He hasn’t practiced yet. The players went to the national teams. He made long trips. For example, the Turkish National Team trained twice every day. Some train more, some less. Some teams care about working with the ball, some training without the ball. Mostafa Mohammed and Feghouli also returned from their countries’ national teams with injuries. Kerem left the game due to his illness in the Karagümrük match. Cicaldau and Taylan wanted to leave the game during the half-time of the Karagümrük match. I asked them to play for another 15 minutes. We follow Kerem every day. I hope he can play in the derby. It will clear on Friday. Even if he can’t play, we will find different solutions. Of course we want to play with the best players. But if we use the absence of a player as an excuse, we’re focusing in the wrong place.”

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