“Working doesn’t mean getting paid”. Rain of criticism on social media

Chef Alessandro Borghese made some statements about young people and work, which social network users did not like

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The advent of the pandemic has forced millions of Italians to re-evaluate their spaces and times in relation to work. Some have found in the smart work a form more suited to their routine, for those who couldn’t wait to go back to the office; but there are also those who, after having rediscovered the value of their time, have chosen to give up the frenzied search for a job, waiting for an opportunity that better marries their personal needs.

Alessandro Borghese: “I struggle to find new collaborators”

A trend that has been observed in various areas, and in particular in that of catering. Alessandro Borghesewell-known cook and TV presenter, said in an interview with Corriere della Sera that he struggled to find new employees and collaborators.

This is because, according to him, today’s kids “have understood that being in the kitchen or in the dining room is not living inside a set”, that one must be very devoted to work, even at the cost of making some sacrifices.

“Do you want to become Alessandro Borghese? You have to work hard – said the cook – no one has ever given me anything. I broke my back for this work that is made up of sacrifices and self-denial ”. By the way, here is our fact sheet on Alessandro Borghese’s life and career.

Alessandro Borghese: “Working to learn does not necessarily mean being paid”

Again in Borghese’s opinion, young people “prefer to hold on tight on weekends to have fun with friends. And when they decide to try, they do it with arrogance of those who feel they have arrived. And the claim to receive important rewards. Immediately”.

“I will be unpopular – said the chef – but I have no problem saying that I work to learn it doesn’t necessarily mean getting paid“.

Alessandro Borghese, rain of criticism on social media

These phrases inevitably raised outrage on Twitter, where many users criticized Borghese’s words. In particular, there are those who underline that Alessandro Borghese, being the son of the actress Barbara Bouchet and an entrepreneur, has not encountered the same difficulties as many other people, who have no famous relatives or money to invest in prestigious training.

Barbara BouchetPhoto source: ANSA

Actress Barbara Bouchet, mother of Alessandro Borghese

On Twitter there are also those who point out that Borghese graduated fromAmerican overseas school of Romewhose enrollment fees range from 10 thousand to 25 thousand euros, depending on the grade. A “privilege” not really within everyone’s reach.

Among Twitter users, there are those who comment on Borghese’s words as follows: “With someone who thinks like this, I wouldn’t even work for a golden weight”. And again: “The restaurant is not a temple, nor is the office of many. Work must be adequately remunerated in order to live, especially where the entrepreneur has the means to do it “.

alessandro borghese

Photo source: ANSA

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