Review Outer Range – Prime Video’s supernatural western that will blow your mind

outer range It is a complicated series to define or explain without falling into the use of the most dazzling adjectives. Produced by Plan B and Amazon Studioswe are talking about an impressive westernatypical and particular in its approaches, which presents us with an excellent jose brolin in what we believe to be one of his best performances. first video has in his hands a mysterious and captivating fiction, one of those that are capable of becoming a cult series, and that will surely give a lot to talk about in the coming months. In Random Vandal We have seen it in its entirety, and we will tell you everything –no spoilers– at our pinch.

An atypical western full of supernatural elements

The premise of the new Amazon production is simple, although its development, as we already mentioned, ends up diving into more complex, philosophical and terrifying paths. outer range tells us the story of Royal Abbot (Josh Brolin)an rancher who fights for his land and his family, and who discovers an incomprehensible mystery on the edge of the wilderness of Wyoming. In this way, and little by little, an exciting family saga is mixed with touches of ironic humor with the usual ingredients of the suspense most original supernatural, inviting us to put ourselves in the place of some characters who will have to look into the abyss in their respective lives.

However, early in the story the Abbott family is faced with disappearance of his daughter-in-law Rebecca, trying to turn the page and take back the reins of a reality that has overwhelmed them on several fronts. Little by little, and while struggling with their own problems, they are pushed to the brink of the abyss when the Tillersonthe ambitious neighboring ranch ownersThey announce that they want to seize their land. Yes, it is a starting point that we have seen hundreds of times in series, movies and other productions, with two family entities facing each other and with the eternal seasoning of boundary problems. But outer range He keeps an ace up his sleeve that changes everything: a murder.

A murder will change everything in the town and the tensions between families will increase.

Brolin Prime Video Outdoor Scope

The death of a person from the town -which we will not say to avoid breaking the magic of these first episodes- will end up leading the community to a scenario of constant tension and fear, with daily problems that will end up becoming a social trigger when a crime is discovered. gaping hole in abbott land. And no, this hole is not a simple sinkhole produced by the rains or a landslide. East bottomless pit has a series of very particular supernatural characteristics, such as the distortion of space time and the precognitive abilities that it grants to people who touch it.

Abbott Tillerson Outer Range

Taylor Sheridan’s Formula satisfies X Files

At times, outer range seems more like a story western written by Taylor Sheridan with ingredients drawn from some of the best chapters of X Filesleaving the most painted with his face contorted once he witnesses several of the endings of the episodes, authentic cliffs in the most literal sense of the word. Little by little, the pieces of a strange and distant past come together and fit into a troubled present in which nothing is what it seems. If we are honest, the truth is that the series conquers when it plays with its elements and premisesgoing from absolutely tense situations to ironic moments full of black moodwith very quirky and particular characters. No, you don’t get to fall on the border of the surrealism of David Lynchbut almost.

Will Patton Outside Range

outer range enjoy its sometimes altered chronology, its wide shots of natural landscapes and its long silences. She is descriptive in the audiovisual field, and she wisely uses the dialogues that come out of her protagonists’ mouths. Nothing is more or less, at least during the vast majority of episodes. brolin is a cowboy classic, of few words and difficult character, who does not hesitate to act for his own benefit and that of his family, even if it means crossing the line of legality. The discovery of the dark hole in his land will transform him physically and mentally -on more levels than it seems at first-, helping us to establish a interesting analogy between that strange physical place and the protagonist’s own consciousnessthat is turning into a gloomy hiding well in which they end up throwing the secrets that should not be known.

Imogen Poots Outer Range

It is as philosophical and terrible as it is allegorical and pristine in its approaches

The plot surprises, twist after twist -some more inspired than others-, building a rich mythology of a rural town that is shaken by the interests of two great families, a strange and naive girl played by imogen pots (the undeniable truth) who decides to camp on the Abbott lands and is pressured by the Tillersons, led by the father of the family incarnated by Patton (yellow stone). Although sometimes the usual feeling of wasted time is distilled, with better balanced and directed chapters and with others that are weaker in terms of real content in their scripts, outer range is philosophical and terrible, allegorical and pristine in its approachessomething that we are not used to seeing in a television production. The Prime Video series is a weird noticea special series that becomes more and more complex and convoluted as the minutes go by, being at the same time more attractive and intoxicating, like the deep gap that opens before the feet of the protagonists and to which they look enthralled.

Outer Range will premiere on April 15 with a double episode. The series will distribute two chapters each week for four weeks on the platform.

We have seen the entire season thanks to an early access code provided by Amazon and Marco Agency.

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