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The first Harry Potter book was released 24 years ago. Since then, enthusiasm for the magician has continued worldwide unabated. Here are some must-haves for Harry Potter fans.

by Catherine Mahrenholtz

Do you need multiple editions of the same book? A question that Harry Potter fans don’t really ask. The answer is of course: Yes! In that regard, any Potterhead will be delighted when the brand new decorative edition of the first volume is under the Christmas tree.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: MinaLima Edition (Harry Potter 1)by JK Rowling and MinaLima

The design duo MinaLima developed the graphic universe of the Harry Potter films: the letter inviting Harry to Hogwarts, the hobo card, the packaging of the candies in the honeydukes – all this comes from the hands of the two designers. Now they have designed a thick book edition full of surprises. Diagonal path to unfold, the chessboard as a pop-up, the portrait of the fat lady with moving eyes.

book info

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: MinaLima Edition (Harry Potter Book 1)
by JK Rowling and MinaLima
from 10 years
368 pages, 40 euros
Carlsen Publishers

“Harry Potter: Magical Knitting” by Tanis Gray

book cover "Harry Potter: Magical Knitting" by Tanis Gray

Legendary are the homemade sweaters Ron’s mother Molly Weasley makes every Christmas. With the book “Knitting Magic” anyone can become Molly Weasley themselves – and knit socks in Hogwarts house colors, a wool Hedwig or a warm blanket in bright Phoenix orange. Incidentally, the book is now also available for the crocheting Potter faction!

book info

Harry Potter: Magical Knitting
by Tanis Gray
208 pages / 24.99 euros
TOP Creative

“The Official Harry Potter Cookery and Baking Book for Parties and Parties with recipes and creative ideas from the wizarding world” by Jennifer Carroll

book cover "The baking school for Potterheads!" by Monique Ascanelli

Conjuring the finest food in large quantities on the tables in the Great Hall – only Dumbledore personally can do that. But thanks to the brand new “Official Harry Potter Cooking and Baking Book”, nothing stands in the way of a perfectly equipped Hogwarts party. This beautiful book is truly a must-have for Potter fans. Not only are there several imaginative recipes, such as Hogwarts letter-look jam bags, but above all, countless craft ideas. For example, a house cup invite, a Platform 9 3/4 platform board, or flying key place cards, and there are plenty of great download links that creative muggles will love.

book info

The official Harry Potter cook and bake book for parties with recipes and creative ideas from the magical world
by Jennifer Carroll
from 12 years
192 pages / 28 euros
Carlsen Publishers

“The Unofficial Baking Book for Harry Potter Fans” by Katja Böhm and Tom Grimm

"The official Harry Potter cook and bake book for parties with recipes and creative ideas from the magical world"

And if you’re looking for more recipes for your Potter party, you’ll find them in the “Unofficial Baking Book for Harry Potter Fans”. Featuring Hagrid’s birthday cake for Harry’s eleventh birthday, of course, and Honeyduke’s highlights: sizzling Wissbies and cotton candy flies, plus Dumbledore’s famous lemon drops and a further 80 recipes, magically designed and beautifully photographed to work as an appetite charm.

book info

The unofficial baking book for Harry Potter fans
by Katja Boehm and Tom Grimm
192 pages / 19.99 euros
Very Verlag

Extra information

Scene from the Harry Potter game: witches and wizards doing magic with fire.  © Broadway Company 2019 / Manuel Harlan Photo: Manuel Harlan

Sunday was the German-language premiere of “Harry Potter”: the show in the Mehr! theater in Hamburg amazed and fascinated. Lake

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) discovers a mysterious passage.  © photo alliance / dpa |  dpa movie Warner

20 years ago “Harry Potter” hit theaters. The stories of the most famous sorcerer’s apprentice of all time also contain Christian motifs. Lake

The actors of the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" on the stage of "More!  theater" in Hamburg.  © more-bb-entertainment / Manuel Harlan Photo: Manuel Harlan

Imogen Heap wrote the music for the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. Lake

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