Livorno, Mucafumo Sugar and cartons of cacciucco and cod to take away

Luca Pippan with Zucchero Fornaciari at Melafumo and the amaranth team at dinner at the tavern in via Mentana last night

Luca Pippan tells of the singer’s visit. “He stayed until 2 am, he told me that I will never get rid of him”

“When the other customers saw him enter they didn’t believe it. And only after a few seconds of bewilderment did they begin to take out their cell phones to take pictures ». Like this Luca Pippanoowner together with his brother Daniele of the Melafumo restaurant, tells of the amazement that the diners of the tavern in via Mentana felt on Sunday evening when Adelmo Fornaciariin art Sugarhas crossed the threshold of entry. «On Saturday a friend we have in common called me and told me that Zucchero wanted to come and eat with us because one of our customers in Pietrasanta had spoken well to him and advised him to try our cuisine and the atmosphere that reigns here. And so we reserved the table for him for 9pm. He expressly asked us to let him taste the cacciucco ».

It was a strange evening on Sunday: a hailstorm bleached the streets of the city, but despite the adverse weather the Reggio artist split the minute. «In addition to the cacciucco he chose a seafood appetizer with various courses, seared tuna on the grill and grilled octopus, obviously all accompanied by red wine – remembers Pippan -. It was a perfect evening. Do you think that he stayed with us until almost 2, practically closing. Before leaving he asked me for more takeaway cacciucco and cod to take it away ».

Between Sugar and the environment of Melafumo, with its air of a real tavern, at home, the spark was immediate. “You are a really nice person,” continues Pippan, who is also used to having well-known characters at his tables. «It often happens to us, in recent years I have always found very friendly and easy-going people. Zucchero is one of these but in addition it has proved exactly what we see on TV or in a concert: a man who does not send them to say and rather says what he thinks with great consistency. At the end of the evening, I greeted him and told him that it had been a pleasure for me. He replied “I don’t know if it will be a pleasure in the long run, because now you won’t get rid of me anymore“”.

For artists of his caliber, going to a restaurant for dinner can often become a chore with the onslaught of neighboring tables. Zucchero, however, says Pippan, he is released, telling anecdotes of a crazy career, taking selfies and signing autographs with the many present. «He was extremely helpful with all those who asked him for a shot or an autograph. When we have characters from the show business, I want that there is no crowd and that in any case they are free to spend their evening without stress, but as mentioned he himself was the first to make himself available to customers. An anecdote? He told me about when in 1997 he gave up singing at the XXIII Eucharistic Congress in front of Pope John Paul II which was also attended by Bob Dylan. At the time one of his most famous songs was “Only a healthy and conscious lust saves the young man from stress and Catholic Action”. He wanted to perform with that song, but a cardinal ordered him to change the song and for this reason he chose not to participate. It is an anecdote that struck me positively because it shows how he never sold himself, remaining consistent on his positions to the end ».



The evening was also magical for the other customers. «Two tables that came from Florence going away even thanked me, telling me that only here you can come to dinner and find Zucchero sitting at the next table at any moment. For us they are satisfactions and above all what we like best is being able to get the word about Livorno all over the world thanks to our restaurant. This is the real reason why this restaurant lives: to make our wonderful city known ».

A bond strongly imbued with amaranth. And it is no coincidence that Livorno Calcio showed up at dinner last night in via Mentana. The amaranth rose and the staff spent the evening in via Mentana, to the happiness of the Pippan brothers. «I seem to be back at 19 when I was following Livorno in all fields of Tuscany in the Interregionale. Having the team from my city for dinner with us is an incredible emotion. As I said, we are used to having people we know, but when Igor Protti comes we need bodyguards, because people go crazy for him ».

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