It cannot be missing on your table. The vegetable with remarkable properties

This vegetable has many beneficial properties and is truly indispensable for our health. It can never be missing on our table.

Vegetables on the table – Photo from Pixabay

It is known that vegetables are good for health and are a very important part of everyone’s diet. From an early age they teach us to eat le vegetables because they “make you strong” and in fact without vegetables we would not have much of the energy we need to face the day.

Each vegetable enjoys different property, one more or less important than the other. However, there are some vegetables that are truly essential for our health.

There is one in particular with extraordinary effects benefitsso important for our health that they make this vegetable truly irreplaceable.

A vegetable that cannot be missing in a healthy and balanced diet. Let’s see what vegetable it is and what are these beneficial effects that we can’t really say no to.

The vegetable you can’t say no to: chicory

purple flowers chicory properties
Chicory flowers – Image from Pixabay

Chicory is the vegetable with a thousand benefits. It is a perennial plant from the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s a green leafy vegetableswoody in nature and can be easily grown even in your own home garden.

Generally the variety that we find in markets or supermarkets is the Cichorium intybusan extremely resistant variety capable of withstanding the most adverse conditions.

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It can be eaten both raw and cooked and is characterized by a sometimes bitter taste, a bit like turnips. Precisely for this reason it is one of the vegetables most hated by children, but loved by adults.

The plant is made up of leaves, buds and the best known buds. Usually the leaves are the most used part for cooking, while the sprouts are eaten as a salad.

Furthermore, from the leaves, the blue dyeoften used in clothing. While from the roots of the plant we get theinulina fiber used to produce alcohol and biofuel.

Properties and benefits of chicory

beneficial chicory field
Chicory cultivation – Image from Pixabay

the properties of chicory they are truly innumerable. First of all it is good to know that chicory is a vegetable rich in vitamins as the B6, C, K and E.

Then there are several mineral salts important for the body such as the footballthe ironmanganese, magnesium and zinc.

As we mentioned earlier, chicory is also present ininulina very important fiber for our body, which it allows to lose weight with greater ease thanks to its ghrelin regulating action.

The ghrelin is an amino acid linked to the feeling of hunger, by acting on it, inulin makes sure of satisfy hungerpromoting weight loss during diets.

Furthermore, thanks to inulin, chicory proves to be an excellent digestive as well as an excellent remedy for reflux and the stomach ache. In the case of indigestion, taking chicory can be of great help.

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The oldest use of this vegetable, however, concerns its capacity anti-inflammatory. In fact, in alternative medicine chicory is used to treatarthritis in a natural way.

Today chicory is also used as a remedy againstanxiety due to its sedative properties. To exploit this property, the roots of the plant are used which, if taken regularly, seem to be able to improve sleep, reducing situations of fatigue.

Obviously, before proceeding with a long-term integration, it is always better to contact your own nutritionist or general practitioner.

In fact, there are situations in which the intake of chicory is not recommended if taken consistently. For example, it is not recommended for pregnant women, as this vegetable stimulates uterine contractions.

Furthermore, chicory is a highly allergenic food, like pollen during spring, for this reason it is good to consult your doctor before taking it.

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