inhabitants closed at home without food, suicide alarms and riots

Contagion uphill, a city in confinement and the “zero Covid” policy which is putting the entire population to the test. The pandemic nightmare is not over for the residents of Shanghaithe megalopolis from 26 million of inhabitants became the epicenter of the largest wave of Covid in China after Whuan (the city where the virus emerged in 2019). After a two-week lockdown, the virus continues to run: yesterday, April 11, they counted 994 new positives And 22,348 asymptomatic carriers.

The inhabitants are also frightened by the sanctary regulations imposed by Beijing, with a miltarized lockdown that prevents them from leaving the house even to get food and provides for transport in quarantine centers for all positives, even if minor. Dozens of posts on social media denounce extreme situations, with hungry families left without food locked up at home, children separated from their parents and quarantine centers collapsing. So much so that the United States they advised non-essential staff at their consulate to leave the city, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of American citizens with Chinese officials, State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

Shut up at home without food, the shocking video

The very strict lockdown has closed in the house 26 million inhabitants and there are also problems in obtaining food. Only medical personnel, delivery personnel or those with a special permit can be authorized to go out to buy food, but the deliveries are slow for a metropolis of this size despite the fact that local authorities have also intervened on the delivery front. Ordering food at home has become a daily business, many try to order at dawn, others create buying groups on e-commerce sites like Alibaba. Lack of food was also the cause of real protestswith clashes among residents and health personnel who were immediately sedated by health workers and the military, even with the use of violent methods.

Between video become a symbol of the exasperation of the population in Shanghai, there is a shot that shows hundreds of illuminated windows in the skyscrapers: while the streets are deserted, from the windows it is possible to hear continuous and distressing screams.

In the quarantine centers, anger, protests and even suicides

The new Covid hospital was inaugurated on 10 April, it is the largest in the city and has over 50,000 beds. Positives who do not need hospitalization are unable to quarantine at home and are led into special quarantine centers: there are over 100 with over 160 thousand beds. There have been many controversies regarding the management of these centers, from children separated from their parents and forced to go through quarantine alone to protests over food shortages, poor hygiene conditions and overcrowding. They are also on the agenda protests of patients against health professionals, and they have also occurred cases of suicide among the people “hospitalized” in the centers. Among the videos released on social media that tell the harsh reality of the quarantine centers is that of a woman who cries and cries in despair, prey to a Nervous Breakdown.

The “zero tolerance” policy cannot stop

Despite a slight easing (especially as regards the possibility of not separating children from their parents anymore) politics zero covid is set to continue at least until May: “The prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai is now at its most critical moment, we cannot slow down,” said an official of the Municipal Health Commission, Wu Qianyu.

Hope was kindled on Monday when local authorities announced they would lockdown loosened for 43% of compounds free of virus infections ascertained in the last two weeks. But the situation was different: the details released during the night showed that those 7,565 areas identified included not only residential complexes but also hotels, shopping centers and government buildings. In short, the population of Shanghai remains largely closed at home.

THE DISPUTE – China “strongly opposes” the US State Department’s decision to order all non-essential personnel to leave Shanghai for the Covid-19 emergency, seeing in the move announced today “a politicization and an exploitation of the question “: is the comment of the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian, for whom Beijing has” expressed solemn declarations “of protest. “The United States should immediately stop attacking China’s epidemic prevention policy, using the epidemic to engage in political manipulation and defaming China,” Zhao added.

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