Golden scissors for Ajda Pekkan’s nightgown


CULTURE and published by the Ministry of Tourism, General Directorate of COPYRIGHT and Ankara University Faculty of Communication Lecturers Assoc. Ali Karadogan and Prof.Dr. In the three-volume publication ‘History of Cinema Censorship in Turkey’, prepared with the works of Ruken Öztürk, the following censors drew attention:

Wednesday is Wednesday (1953) The script was approved on the condition that “the scenes showing the men’s and women’s baths and bathers are completely removed”.


Thirsty for Love-Sex and Murder (1972) It was requested that “all the scenes in the movie where the women in the movie are alive and have their nipples naked after they die” and “the scene of making love with Kadir İnanır, which Mine saw in her dream”.

Fatma Girik

Girls Like Turkish Delight (1965) The name was requested to be changed, as it was seen as “violent”. In the movie, Fatma Girik’s “passage from the scene where she appears on the terrace in a bikini swimsuit, talking to her father”; He was asked to remove the “passage where her breasts are visible in her nightgown phone conversations”, “the part from the dance scene where she dances with her breasts vibrating and her legs spread out”.


Highland Eagle (Faruk Nafiz Camlibel, (1945) It is said, “There is no harm in filming the words like lady, gentleman, lady, gentleman after they are removed or translated into Turkish and the script language is cleared of foreign words.”


Istanbul Kazan Ben Dipper (1965)Ozturk Serengil’s words: “Hortlakaj, binoculars, yachtage, leisure, such as ‘aj’ words ending in distorted words”, the sentence “Get your gas behind your back, I’ll read your number” were asked to be removed. Scenes in many movies starring Öztürk Serengil were also censored.

‘GOD BLESSED FROM censorship’

The most ironic decision is “The screenplay by Nezihe Meriç” was written.Black Summer”(1953), the removal of the sentence “God forbid from censorship” was conditionally censored.

In Phosphorus Cevriye (1959)”, “The part where women’s legs are visible from the scene of the fight and struggle on the ground in Phosphorus Cevriye with three women” was requested.


Written by Haldun TanerFor youIn the scenario titled ”, it is requested that “the words declaring the death of the air lieutenant should be removed and the news of martyrs and deaths should be given in closed terms”.


There are also many decisions regarding the movie “Turist Ömer (1964)” played by Sadri Alışık in the notebooks. The phrase “Get in line, I’ll handle you all”, which Turist Ömer said to three girls at the nightclub, and the phrase “Ulan”, which Turist Ömer addressed to the police typing in the police station, in the decision of the movie “Turist Ömer Dümenciler Kral (1965)” ; In the scenario of “The Tourist Ömer Bullfighter (Hulki Saner, 1971)”, it was requested to change the name of Papadopoulos, which was said to the bull. “The Huntsmen, Hunted-Scammers (1965)”, “The Mischievous Little Tramp (1971) and “Ne Referee (1976)” are among the films included in the censorship book.



Let’s Make Love at the Station – No Kissing (1964) In the decision of the film, it was requested that the Sema character, played by Ajda Pekkan, be removed from her room in the hostel in Istanbul, “towards the end of the scene where she dances in a babydoll nightgown, the part of her nightgown that shows that the skirt of her nightgown takes off”. Although the emphasis here is not directly on nightgowns and babydolls, but on “airing the skirt”, what a nightgown is specifically stated.

Golden scissors for Ajda Pekkan's nightgown

“We Are Captives of Lust (1965)” again starring Ajda Pekkan In the decision regarding the film, it was requested to remove the phrase “I will sign the policy at home”, which the young man with a scar on his face said to Sevim (Ajda Pekkan).


Golden scissors for Ajda Pekkan's nightgown


Hometown (Sadik Şendil, 1958) In the scenario called “We have enough money to live on during my two years of service, if necessary, sell my boat and my house”, the scene of Zeki Müren waiting for permission at the branch, who will enlist in the army, and the speeches Zeki Müren said at the time of his enlistment were asked to be removed.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Never Dare To Ask The film, directed by Woody Allen and recorded in the book with the title “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About But Were Afraid to Ask, 1973” and translated into Turkish, was rejected based on the article on “Public Education and Morality”.



by Stanley KubrickPaths of Glory (Paths of Glory, 1977)The colonel representative from the General Staff for the movie ” said, “The chain of command is inevitable events in the life of the armies whose chain of command has been shaken. It reflects the mistakes of the command, which looks at the battlefield as a slaughterhouse, and the consequences of covering up these mistakes with all its dimensions. There are aspects to be learned. Accepted,” he said.

starring Jack NicholsonThe Cuckoo (Milos Forman, 1981)It is stated in the decision of “It has been seen that the minors have harmful effects in terms of their mental and physical health, and may negatively affect their upbringing, and it has been approved with the age limit of 16”.

Charlie Chaplin’s In the decision made for the movie “The Great Dictator”, which was screened in 1949, it is requested to remove the words “Democracy is terrible, freedom of speech is ridiculous” in some parts of the movie.

Golden scissors for Ajda Pekkan's nightgown


In Notebooks, director Metin Erksan’s first film, “Life of Âşık Veysel/Dark World” dated 1952 draws attention. There are many censorship orders regarding this movie. Written by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, the title of the film is left only as “Life of Âşık Veysel” and the other word “Dark World” is requested to be deleted from all posters and flyers. “After the death of Âşık Veysel’s wife, he is allowed to be alone in a room while he loves the child of his second wife, provided that the conversations like ‘He has gone, let’s look for a new one’ are completely cut off”.

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