Extremis: the new pizzeria in Rome in Pietralata


Extremis, the new pizzeria in Rome

Three friends, three different professional experiences and three personalities, but one passion: good food. The search for fine ingredients, their enhancement in the kitchen. Young people Mattia Lattanzio, Giovanni Giglio and Edoardo Cicchinelli have decided to join forces to create a sui generis pizzeria, capable of combining “contemporary pizza and alternative cuisine”, As Mattia explained. His name is Extremis and will open on April 16, 2022 in Pietralata, the new adventure of the three partners, which Edoardo describes as follows: “We want to unite our personalities in a single thought that can flow into a new space. Extremis is the right name for a reality that comes from the desire to intersect multiple topics and areas, from cooking to music, passing through art “. It is not the first time that the gastronomic and artistic world come together: here they will merge in the same creative space in via di Pietralata, with a large outdoor veranda that seats 75 people, plus another 70 in the internal room.

Extremis menu and pizzas in Rome

The main focus remains, of course, the kitchen. The raw materials are selected by Edoardo, who for some time has been dealing with the distribution of niche agricultural products with his Ethical Food Selection, first only to restaurateurs and professionals, then also to private individuals starting from the lockdown. In the kitchen, on the other hand, Giovanni and Mattia: the first made his bones in La Gattabuia, while Lattanzio started abroad to then return to Italy at Palazzo Dama, where he worked as executive chef, in the Quirinale Palace and in the kitchen di Pipero for two years, to then move on to Spiazzo and Seu Pizza Illuminati. The offer proposed by Extremis is curious and original, starting with the appetizers: there will be a “Lingotteria” on sight, from which the Ingots with different fillings will come out, plus a selection of classic and “spoon” fried foods. As for the pizzas, there will be those in the pan, revisited in an even more crunchy and crumbly version, the “Crumbly”, and then the Neapolitan. The doughs are made “mediate the use of the preferment, a preparation that requires 24 hours of maturation and as many hours of leavening to offer a highly digestible product “, Giovanni explains.

Discover the history of Extremis, the new pizzeria in Rome

The sweets and drinks

Green light to Margherita and Naples, in the classic version or choosing from different ingredients, but above all space for vegan and vegetarian options, which the members intend to enhance more and more. Then there will be the RE / MAKE IT, intriguing reinterpretations of traditional tastes. All united by the use of carefully selected products: Mulino Fagioli flour, organic tomato, sheep ham, “each ingredient is chosen according to an ethical principle”, Which has always guided Edoardo’s work. There will be desserts, which will be made in collaboration with CORE pastryand then the drinks list built with the complicity of Natural drinkerswith many quality craft beers, as well as a list of wines, bitters and spirits created together with Davide Merlini of “Noi di Sala”.

Discover the history of Extremis, the new pizzeria in Rome

Events and proximity to the art world

So much good food, but also a particular attention to the artistic universe. In collaboration with the Roman art gallery and cultural association “Agarte – Fucina delle Arti”, the pizzeria will exhibit a selection of works from the contemporary collection supervised by the art director Alessandro Giansanti. An innovative, unconventional, “extreme” exhibition, just as the place wants to present itself, which combines the most traditional craftsmanship with contemporary figurative art, made of color contrasts, shapes and volumes outside the box. Starting with the work of Giuseppe Palermo and Sasà Sorrentino, up to the wood and acrylic sculptures by Daniele Fortuna. And this is just the beginning, because the pizzeria will increasingly lend itself to collaborations with realities involved in the world of art, to make the atmosphere and soul of the place truly unique.

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