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Presenter Katharina, Daniel and Jan talked for three hours with Rainer Moritz, head of the Hamburger Literaturhaus, about current reading material.

In the spring there are so many new books on the market that it is often difficult to choose. That’s why it’s time for a special from our podcast eat.READ.sleep. For three hours Katharina, Jan and Daniël give reading tips and recommendations, they tell about personal favorite authors and literary trends. This time the focus is on Michel Houellebecq’s bestseller “Annihilation”. The book received mixed reviews from critics. How do the three hosts find the novel?

Individual reading recommendations for listeners

As in the podcast, there is of course a literary appetizer in this special – a dish that comes out of a book. The hosts test their literary knowledge in the quiz. This time the director of the Hamburg House of Literature, Rainer Moritz, is a guest.

The books of the live show eat.READ.sleep at a glance

  • Kim Hye-jin: “The daughter”. Translated from Korean by Ki-Hyang Lee (Hanser Berlin)
  • Alexandra Lavizzari: “Vita & Virginia” (ebersbach & Simon)
  • Mario Vargas Llosa: “Aunt Julia and the Art Writer”. Translated from the Spanish by Heidrun Adler (suhrkamp paperback)
  • Yasmina Reza: “Serge”. Translated from the French by Frank Heibert and Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel (Hanser)
  • Michel Houellebecq: “Destroy”. Translated from the French by Stephan Kleiner and Bernd Wilczek (DuMont)
  • Szczepan Twardoch: “modesty”. Translated from the Polish by Olaf Kühl (Rowohlt Berlin)
  • Lisa Graf: “Dallmayr: Dream of a beautiful life” (Penguin)
  • Rainer Moritz: “Unknown Pages: Curious Literary History(s)” (Kampa)
  • John hardware store: “The Whale and the End of the World”, from the English by Maria Poetts and Tobias Schnettler (S. Fischer)
  • Jared Diamond: “Collapse: why societies survive or perish”. Translated from the English by Sebastian Vogel (S. Fischer)
  • William Melville Kelley: “A drop of patience”. Translated from the English by Kathrin Razum (Hoffmann and Campe)
  • Davide Morosinotto: “The Rebels of Salento”. Translated from the Italian by Dr. Cornelia Panzacchi (Thienemann)
  • Jared M. Diamond: “Collapse. Why Societies Survive or Perish” (S. Fischer)

Tips from the eat.READ.sleep.bookstore

  • Bernhard Kellerman: “The Tunnel” (ars vivendi verlag)
  • Svenja Leiber: “Kazimira” (Suhrkamp)
  • Charlotte Link: “Storm Time” (blanvalet)
  • Jorge Handstein: “Franz Schubert – Love Loves Walking” (BR Classic Knowledge)
  • Peter Hartling: “Schubert: Twelve Moments Musicaux and a Novel” (dtv)

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Feedback, suggestions and ideas? Bring it on!

Anyone wishing to provide feedback or list their own favorite books can email the three hosts at† The podcast is released every 14 days on Fridays at 6am and runs as a joint project under the umbrella brand NDR – you can listen and subscribe here – or in the ARD Audio Library.

Michel Houellebecq: "Destroy" © DuMont Verlag

SOUND: “Destroy” – the new book by Michel Houellebecq (3 min)

Those Hosts

Catherine Mahrenholtz

She loves Paris and the Côte d’Azur of the 1920s, allows herself to be triggered by Hemingway and prefers to sink into books – also in her office: Katharina Mahrenholtz. e-readers? Only on vacation. Lake

Jan Ehlert © NDR Photo: Christian Spielmann

Jan Ehlert does not leave home without a book – and why should he: the book lover prefers to read on the terraces of beautiful cafes, also in France. Lake

Daniel Kaiser © NDR Photo: Johanna Leuschen

He is a cheese lover who is also enthusiastic about the sweetest Schmonzets: Daniel Kaiser. He loves to sink into a book – preferably on the sunny balcony. Lake

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Michel Houellebecq: "Destroy" © DuMont Verlag

The 600-page novel is a great story, which flashes the possibility of an island in the general misery. Lake

Logo for Podcast "eat.READ.sleep" © NDR/ Photo: Natee Meepian

With the podcast eat.READ.sleep we give tips, interviews with book people, fun facts and special treats for the palate. Lake

Logo for Podcast "eat.READ.sleep" © NDR/ Photo: Natee Meepian

Here’s a breakdown of all the books featured in all podcast episodes. Have fun browsing. Lake

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