E-book readers in the test – the books for on the go!

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Books on the go: e-book readers in the test

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In comparison: IMTEST has tested five different e-book readers for you.

Kindle, Tolino or Pocket Book: Which of the Current Devices Optimally Designed for Reading Will Be Worth Buying in 2022?

More and more bookworms are saying goodbye to the book on the shelf and reaching for the digital version. This has many advantages: they are usually small and handy ebook reader are typically lighter than paper books, can be fine-tuned for the perfect reading experience, and offer other benefits such as plenty of storage space for reading materials. But audiobook enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth with an e-book reader at home or on the road. IMTEST, the consumer magazine of the FUNKE Mediengruppe, has tested five current models and reveals which device offers the best reading experience at any time of the day or night.

Books on the go: e-book readers in the test

E-book readers come in different sizes. At Amazon’s Kindle series with the new Paperwhite Signature Edition In the 11th generation, the standard screen diagonal is 6.8 inches, or about 16.5 centimeters. The new Tolino Vision 6 also relies on this size. With Pocket Book, the choice is wider. There is 6 inches (about 15.5 cm) in the small Touch HD 3, almost 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) in the Color ink pad and nearly 25 centimeters (9 inches) for the large InkPad Lite. If you want to save on reading glasses, you can use larger displays that can display extra large text.

Small e-book readers fit almost in your pocket and can easily be taken anywhere. And they’re light too: The Touch HD3 . at For example, the big one weighs only 155 grams InkPad Lite On the other hand, it weighs 370 grams – a huge difference if you read it for a long time. The InkPad Lite is the only device in the test field that only has a pixel resolution of 150 dpi, all others display the digital book pages at 300 dpi.

If you look closely, you’ll probably find the two latest models, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (SE) and the Tolino Vision 6, the most impressive. But they are all easy to read and optically close to a real book page. Particularly notable is the Pocket Book InkPad Color, which can also display content in color.

Lovers of comics and graphic novels can therefore also enjoy their favorite reading digitally. While the font is still largely identical, there are differences in processor performance. The latest generation Paperwhite is particularly richly equipped. As a result, the digital book pages turn very quickly. The speed of the Tolino Vision 6 is only slightly lower than that of the Amazon competitor. The slightly older Pocket Book devices can’t keep up: they regularly load a new page for a split second.

An e-book reader that can do more than just display books – that’s probably what some users dream of. And find what you’re looking for: the Paperwhite SE can play 3 audiobooks just like the InkPad Color and the Touch HD. The InkPad Lite, which mainly relies on a large screen but is otherwise rather spartan, is like the Tolino Vision 6 exclusively read-oriented.

If you want more, you have to use one of the other devices. Particular attention is paid to the choice of the e-book reader for readers who like to borrow books. This is still not possible with Amazon’s Kindle models, these devices only work with Amazon file formats. Despite the otherwise strong equipment, the Paperwhite cannot score here. All other devices in the test work with the online lending service “Onleihe”, but not with Amazon.

So it’s an either/or decision – there isn’t one device for everything. And how do the devices perform in everyday life?
Here it is positive that all pocketbook e-book readers are equipped with control buttons. “On” and “Off”, “Back to the menu” and “Scrolling” are user-operated with clear and smooth-running buttons. The Tolino Vision 6 has two buttons, the Kindle Paperwhite only one switch. Of course, all e-book readers can also be operated via touchscreen, but the buttons are certainly more convenient.


Two Pocket Book devices came out on top in the test: the Touch HD 3 and the InkPad Color. In addition to the good equipment, this is also due to the audio book options and the particularly well-adapted displays. If you value reading comfort more, you’re also in good hands with the Kindle Paper SE with the fastest page turns and ample memory, as well as the Tolino Vision 6 with a great font.

You can find more exciting and interesting product comparisons on the IMTEST magazine page.

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