Cannes Day 2. Tom Cruise stands in Cannes as the standard of cinema in theaters – Movie News

‘Top Gun: Maverick, like a black hole, engulfs the entire day to put it at the feet of its protagonist, superstar Tom Cruise. Also, we see: “Scarlet” by Pietro Marcello and “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” by Kirill Serebrennikov. Look, I’ve been in Cannes for years and, even so, I hadn’t seen anything like the homily that Hollywood … Read more

25 years of the best of European science fiction

The story is more than well known. Premiering at Cannes in 1997, The fifth element by Luc Besson became a hit. The director, who was already known for his excesses and his satirical sense of humor, brought that sense of the absurd to the festival. So the first projection is carried out in the middle … Read more

Cannes Film Festival: Tom Cruise, the prophet of cinema in theaters: “I will never premiere on platforms” | Culture

Become the epitome of Hollywood stars, with long hair and a smile of those that illuminate with pure snow. Tom Cruise (Syracuse, New York, 59 years old) has been loved this Wednesday by the masses in Cannes. And of course, they adore him. Overwhelming applause, wild screams. The Cannes festival has surrendered to the star … Read more

112 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, HBO Max, Filmin, Apple TV+ and Movistar Plus

Wednesday and, between Upfronts and Cannes, we have a packed week… and we haven’t messed with the premieres. So it’s time to review all the news coming to streaming platforms: 112 series, movies and documentaries arriving today on Netflix, HBO Max, Filmin, Disney+, Movistar Plus+, Apple TV and Prime Video. ‘The valet’ (The Valet) directed … Read more

What we know about the future of Star Wars in film and television

Image: Disney / Lucas film. It’s been three years since the last movie starwars, and the landscape has changed a lot for the future of the saga at Lucasfilm. After a tumultuous trilogy with an ending worth forgetting, the franchise from the galaxy far, far away has focused on television, at least for now. But … Read more

Russian film director Kirill Serebrennikov condemned the war in Ukraine at Cannes

Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov, left, Filipp Avdeyev, Oxxxymiron and Iya Stewart pose upon arrival at the premiere of “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Cannes, France . (AP Photo/Daniel Cole) The last two times the Cannes Film Festival screened films from Kirill Serebrennikovthe Russian filmmaker was … Read more

All about “Diary of a Seducer”, the film in which Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met and fell in love

“Diary of a seducer”: in this film began the romance between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Report by Santiago Garcia. Seducer’s Diary (The Rum Diary, 2011) has, like many films in the history of cinema, the rare privilege of recording the beginning of a romance or its development. From Humphrey Bogart Y Lauren Bacall in … Read more

Tom Cruise explains why he decides to risk his life for art and the importance of going to the movies

A crowd filled the Debussy theater at the Grand Palais this morning at the Cannes Film Festivalpatiently waiting for an hour under the scorching French afternoon sun where the festival director, Thierry Fremauxwould host the event in honor of movie superstar, Tom Cruise. The actor was at the festival to premiere his new film Top … Read more

Cannes Day 1. The festival celebrates a return to (apparent) normality by opening with the festive zombie movie ‘Corten!’ by Michel Hazanavicius – Movie News

The Festival turns 75 years old with a clear commitment to cinema in theaters, paying homage to artists (Forest Whitaker), reviving masterful classics (‘La maman et la putain’ by Jean Eustache) and… opening its doors with a zombie comedy. Cannes starts and I am unable to remove the fear from my body. I laugh with … Read more