Boiled egg diet: how to lose weight fast

On social media, the Dell diet is depopulated‘boiled egg, which involves the consumption of many eggs per day. Let’s find out how to lose weight and how it works
The hard-boiled egg diet consists of eating hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner alternating with protein foods such as meat and fish. The 3 and 7 day hard boiled egg diet works, it can do you lose 5 pounds in a week, experts recommend it to those who don’t want to lose too much weight. The results obtained should not be ruined by the immediate return to an unbalanced lifestyle to avoid the yo-yo effect.
It is a diet that works as it is hyperproteic therefore it does lose weight fast.
Eggs are great, they can be eaten in any season and in the most disparate ways. From a nutritional point of view they are recommended by food experts as they represent an excellent source of protein. Which also distinguishes the Boiled Egg Diet.
In particular, when boiled they are the best in terms of proper nutrition. Which any dietician or nutritionist could advise you, as well as give you other useful information. Let’s see how the Boiled Egg Diet works.
The properties of hard-boiled eggs:
they help in case of cardiovascular diseases as they contain many fatty acids.
they have positive effects on the nervous system thanks to the B vitamins and choline.
are rich in vitamin Dhence they help the skeletal system.
thanks to the sulfur amino acids, they reduce hair loss.
especially the egg white contains proteins of high biological value.

Diet of the Sodo Egg, the indications to follow
The food scheme of the Hard Egg Diet relies heavily on the fact that eggs have, in a single unit, only 70 kcal. And in addition to proteins, there is also an important amount of good fats. Being a low-calorie food, the advice is to follow this diet for only one week.
In this period we will be able to lose about 3 kilos. In addition to following the directions that will follow, the results of this diet will be better if accompanied by the intake of at least 2 liters of water a day and a half-hour walk three or four times a week.
For breakfast we choose skim milk and two rusks with unsweetened jam. Or unsweetened coffee instead of milk. For the mid-morning snack and for the afternoon snack, choose between a fresh fruit of the season, 30 g of dried fruit or a low-fat yogurt. Here is the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The weekly boiled egg menu
Monday: for breakfast two hard-boiled eggs and a fresh fruit of the season. For lunch, two slices of wholemeal bread and a fruit, you should eat two hard-boiled eggs and a fruit. For dinner, chicken with salad dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil or with lemon juice.
Tuesday: lunch with chicken and salad and dinner with two hard-boiled eggs, a salad and an orange.
Wednesday: lunch with a slice of wholemeal bread, tomato and a piece of low-fat cheese. Chicken salad for dinner.
Thursday: fresh fruit for lunch, chicken for dinner.
Friday: grilled or steamed vegetables with two hard-boiled eggs for lunch. Grilled fish or chicken with a side of salad and vegetables for dinner.
Saturday: fruit for lunch, chicken with vegetable dressing for dinner.
Sunday: two hard-boiled eggs with vegetables and chicken. Same thing at dinner.
Losing 5 kg in a week with the hard-boiled egg diet works however excessive use of eggs is not recommended for those who:
suffer from liver or gallbladder problems.
diabetics (the risk of stroke or heart attack increases even with the consumption of 1-2 eggs per week).
severe hyperlipidemia.

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