Another reaction to Beren Saat: Broken clock! There is no shame in them.

The echoes of Beren Saat’s speech continue at the ‘ECO CLIMATE Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair’ held in Ankara. She drew a great reaction because she emphasized that women’s rights were stolen in a period when women’s rights were most protected in Turkey and women had the most right to speak in social activities and in the Parliament.

Beren Saat said, “I had classmates who had to wear a wig over the headscarf during my student years, and we were all very happy with the provision of education equality over the years. But later on, ‘women’s clothes are being used as a material for politics, our education system is deteriorating, the women’s ministry is being closed, women are losing their rights systematically’. These statements of Saat were met with reaction from a large part of the society.

New Contract Writer Ali Karahasanoğlu ‘‘Those who curse Erdogan are rewarded at the fair of those accused of being Erdogan!’ In his article titled, Beren Saat and those responsible who remained silent about the distortions at the fair, reacted.


Ali Karahasanoğlu also reacted to Beren Saat, who was selected as the ‘Climate Ambassador’ at the EKO İKLİM Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair, saying, “Who chose it, for what success, couldn’t they find someone else, it’s another matter.” showed.


In his article, Karahasanoğlu said, “While these words were being spoken, a man came out at the fair and said, “Our President is now. While he is struggling to bring Ukraine and Russia together, he is also preparing his visit to Uzbekistan. Sit down where you are sitting, Are you Beren? “Are you a watch, are you broken, are you a record label, are you a spokesperson for the CHP. Sit where you sit,” he said.

Ali Karahasanoğlu’s article is as follows;

An important forum was held in Ankara.

It’s a technical matter.

At least for today, it is a topic that is not part of the political debate.

Even if you turn it into politics..

If you try to shoot…

The opposition said, “There is no bread for us on this issue. Let’s not get into this ball,” as they say, it is an issue where the political power makes maximum effort and is successful:

EKO İKLİM Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair.

Look at the job..

The current government said, “You are politicizing every issue. Since he is also the chairman of the executive branch and the AK Party, the President expresses his political views in the most unlikely places. It is not right for the society to be so politicized.”

Organized by the ATO, which they accuse of being close to the AK Party.

Organized under the leadership of the institutions, which they say that they are under the management of names close to the AK Party, and they slander from morning to evening.

I’ll count more but…

For the sake of President Tayyip Erdogan’s work day and night..

I suppress my anger.

I’m trying to control my nerves.

And I ask:

Could you please give a logical answer at a fair where you even invite the ministers but they don’t even make political speeches:

“How did you digest the speech of the actor named Beren Saat?”

I know, RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin also reacted instantly.

He gave the necessary answer to a political speech on a technical issue, held at a fair away from politics.

But should this answer be limited to the President of RTÜK?

Organizers, sponsors of the fair, those who stand out with their names..

Where are you?

Can’t you say, with two lines of explanation, “We never approve of trying to distract our fair from its target with political speeches”?

Don’t you see that the person who made that provocation today will encourage those who will make other provocations tomorrow?

Do not worry..

When the nerve is at its peak.

As if our readers knew by heart the provocation, which our interlocutors know very well, I entered the subject without bowing.

Sir, Beren Saat was elected as the “Climate Ambassador” at the EKO İKLİM Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair, organized under the leadership of chambers, institutions and companies close to the AK Party.

Who chose it, for what success, did they not find someone else, another matter..

Beren Saat, whom they chose, gave the following speech while receiving his award:

“I had classmates who had to wear wigs over their headscarves while I was a student, and we are all very happy that education equality has been achieved over the years!”

If you ask me..

After reading his words…

I didn’t pay any attention to the way he coined that sentence.

Because now the difficult times (let’s say Insha’Allah despite everything) are over. There is no one who defends the headscarf ban anymore.

Even those who sweat when they hear the word “Headscarf will be free”, even those who take their breath away in the Constitutional Court..

They are no longer ashamed to say “We lifted the headscarf ban”.

That’s why, even though I find this statement made on the back of Tayyip Erdoğan, who took the risk of wearing a shroud, to be correct…

“However, when we expressed our dissatisfaction that women’s clothes are being used as a political material, our education system is deteriorating, the women’s ministry is being closed, and women are losing their rights systematically, we got the answer, ‘Look at the bridges and roads, how well they work’.

Excuse me, even when the headscarf was banned, it was said, “My mother is also a headscarf. But didn’t they say, “We forbid those who use the headscarf as a political tool.”

They were saying..

At that time, I would say, “This is Beren Saat, a headscarf banner like honey. He’s like honey, he’s one of those types who say ‘Oh shit’ while their friends are kept waiting in front of the door because of the headscarf..”

Let’s still say “sin on your own neck”..

Now let’s come to his sentence:

“Women’s ministry is shutting down”

Those who have ideas without knowledge can talk like this.

I searched my memory..

“Was the women’s ministry ever established!” saying..

I couldn’t remember. But we cannot be shameless like them.

I’m questioning again.

The name of a state ministry was “Ministry of State Responsible for Women and Family” in the past.

In the process, it became the “Ministry of Family and Social Policies”.

Eh. State ministry or more private, Family ministry?

Enemies to the family..

The distortion is full throttle. “Women’s ministry is closed!”

What doesn’t exist, how to turn it off?

There is no shame in these.. They come to your fair, get an award, and they curse you..

In progress broken Clock:

“When we rebelled against censorship in the press and art, it was said that ‘we always turned our face to the West, now let’s look at the East a little bit’. Today, our country’s most valuable universities are losing their prestige, as many people who could have taken action in those days turned a blind eye.”

I ask the organizers of the fair..

Does President Tayyip Erdogan deserve such an immoral attack?

Does it deserve this lie, these disgraceful words, untruthful slanders?

While these words were being spoken, a man came out at the fair and said, “Our President is now. While he is struggling to bring Ukraine and Russia together, he is also preparing for his visit to Uzbekistan. Sit down where you are, Are you Beren, are you Clock, are you broken, record record. Are you the spokesperson of the CHP?

At the meeting, where the AK Party ministers attended, but avoided using two sentences as AK Party propaganda, since it was a technical fair, look what else Beren Saat said:

“Students enter their classes without being able to fill their stomachs. Turkey lags behind the world in technology and informatics, and hundreds of women’s right to life is taken away every year in femicide. Turkey started to lose blood in art and sports. Competent academics cannot reach their students. Women are frightened, young people are disillusioned, our people are becoming more and more uncultured.”

Do not worry..

I can’t control my nerves..

A very heavy expression can come out of my pen.

I apologize. Dot..

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