5 tips to get the most out of a movie at home

After almost two years in which it has been very difficult to go to the cinema to enjoy a movie as we have been doing all our lives, many of us have become accustomed to turning our living room into a small movie theater to enjoy our favorite series and movies, sometimes alone, and sometimes with our friends. Possibly the change is here to stay, because due to the high prices of theaters and the large number of releases that are only published on Netflix and other streaming platforms, we spend more and more time watching movies at home and we go to theaters less of our cities.

Of course it’s a shame, because there is nothing that can completely replace the unforgettable experience of a cinema. But under the circumstances we can always try to make the most of the tools we have at our disposal to enjoy movies in the best possible way. That’s why here are some tips to prepare your living room and make it the closest thing to a top-of-the-line movie experience.

1. Choose the best company

On some occasions, a movie may be ideal to watch alone and enjoy the critical reading of each scene like someone who tastes a good wine. In other cases, you may want to watch a movie as a couple. And of course it’s always fun to watch a movie with your best friends, either because you’re all movie buffs or because you just want to have a good time together.

Be that as it may, choosing your company will be the first essential step in creating the perfect environment with which to enjoy your movie in your living room. Therefore, depending on who accompanies you in the experience, you will be able to determine the rest of the preparations.

2. Prepare the appetizers

Although there are movies that require complete concentration, there will usually always be room for some good appetizers with which to enjoy a good time at the movies. Choosing the right appetizers for each movie is important, and nachos with guacamole clearly don’t go well with a cult film noir movie.

Your appetizers can simply consist of a bottle of brandy with which to taste one of the best films in history. Or they can be something more prosaic capable of flooding your sofa at home with popcorn, chips and slices of fuet. Each movie has its perfect accompaniment, and much of the success of your movie night will depend on your ability to choose it. Plus, you don’t even need to spend a lot, as you can browse the Carrefour brochure to find your perfect snacks at the perfect price. Here you can find the best wines, a wide variety of cheeses, all kinds of salty snacks and, of course, the best popcorn for your movies.

3. Isolate yourself from noise

If you know that you have noisy neighbors who are very annoying at certain times of the day, or if you live on a corner with a lot of traffic at peak times, or if you have a construction site nearby where they will be working until a certain time, you should keep in mind noise sources before deciding on your movie schedule.

The idea is to create a perfect silent environment to enjoy every sound and musical nuance of your favorite movie. But you also want to choose a time when you can afford to turn the volume up full blast without disturbing your roommates or neighbors. When it comes to sound, good timing is crucial.

4. Eliminate light sources

We all know that removing light sources that can distract your eyes while watching the movie enhances the cinematic experience, but sometimes we tend to overlook it when we are with friends. There is always a light on somewhere, an open window, and lots of smartphones going here and there.

Of course, if all you want to do is have a good time with a group watching a popcorn movie, you can skip the lighting restrictions a bit and just get carried away by the dynamics of the evening. But remember that for cult films and the most exquisite cinema, you really want to turn off all the lights and focus only on what appears on the screen.

5. Eliminate distractions

Nobody cares if your cousin spends the afternoon chatting on WhatsApp while you’re watching an Adam Sandler movie, but it would really be a waste if you’re watching a Hitchcock classic. Depending on the movie, you’ll probably want to remove all distractions to ensure you get a well-rounded experience, both culturally and artistically.

Also remember that a smartphone turned on in a dark room or an unexpected phone call not only distracts the owner of the phone, but also everyone in the room. If you are watching a movie in a group, everyone’s commitment will be essential to enjoy it!

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