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Some films put their protagonists on the tightrope, but also those who stood behind the cameras. We tell you ten films that almost sank the trajectory of their filmmakers.

It is not uncommon for a highly anticipated movie in theaters, or even on streaming platforms, to end flopping with viewers and critics. There are several reasons why they were not liked, from conflicts between the cast during the shoot to the filmmaker’s vision not matching the studio’s. Unfortunately, the directors do not have a crystal ball to know what the response of the critics and the public will be to the creative decisions they decided to follow during the recording process.

Although there are no such extreme cases in which the director’s career has sunk after the release of a film, these 10 examples show that criticism is not at all easy to carry among those who get behind the cameras. Here we tell you 10 Movies That Nearly Ruined Their Directors’ Careers And Why. From The woman at the window from Joe Wright to classics from the 1940s like Life is Beautifulall of them tested the resilience of their creators.


The live-action version of cats It was one of the most anticipated films of 2019, since it is one of the most praised musicals internationally by critics and the public. However, the film ended up sinking the career of Tom Hooper, who had previously directed films that were highly rated by critics such as The king’s speech Y the danish girl. Of course, this box office failure left us with a great lesson: not all musicals should be brought to the big screen.


Cameron Crowe was one of the most promising filmmakers of the 1990s. Thanks to movies like single Y almost famous who became an eminence of cinema in pop culture. Then came other great productions of the new millennium such as Jerry Maguire Y elizabethtown.

But his career changed when he premiered the romantic comedy Hello. The film was scandalous due to the casting, for example Emma Stone playing one hawaiian girlphysical traits that the actress was far from having. The bad reviews didn’t just come from the audience or the critics, big-name producers like Amy Pascal (Spider-Man: No Way Home) at the time raised their voices about how bad Crowe’s script was.

‘Green Lantern’

Here there is no way to help you Martin Campbell. The filmmaker, who came from directing tapes of the 007 franchise as golden eye (1995) years Royal Casino (2006), the latter praised by critics, could not carry out the DC superhero project, Green Lanternpersonified by Ryan Reynolds.

According to statements by the actor himself, the film had presented problems from the beginning. The script was incomplete when filming began and Campbell was having a lot of trouble with the movie studio. The only good thing that came out of this movie was Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s love affair.

‘Batman and Robin’

Joel Schumacher saw his career destroyed after the premiere of batman and robin in 1997. The fourth and final installment in the 1990s bat detective franchise was a critical flop, earning just 12% approval ratings. The poor reception of this film, killed plans for a fifth installment that Schumacher already had planned: batman unchainedwhich would have as main villains Scarecrow and Harley Quinn.


This is the most recent and at the same time strangest case, since its director It is ruined his career behind the scenes with his debut. Music (2021) was pointed out by everyone for the bad conception that the script had about the people with autism. The protagonists of the film were Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler, the latter the dancer who has accompanied the singer in her creative processes for several years.

‘The woman in the window’

This is a common case in the Hollywood industry. The woman at the window of Joe Wright was one of the biggest aesthetic and narrative failures in his careera, which until then housed titles such as anna karenina Y Pride and Prejudice. In a recent interview with Vulturethe director was honest and admitted that the final version we saw on Netflix was not similar to the one he had in mind.

According to the director, shooting the film was a frustrating process. The filmmaker intended to portray Anna’s (Amy Adams) horrific situation in the story: “Unfortunately, audiences like women to be good, they don’t want to see that you can be dark and drunk and on pills. That’s okay in a man, but not a woman. The movie ended up being something it wasn’t“, he declared.

‘The godfather III’

Y The Godfather IIIby Francis Ford Coppola, is on this list not because it sank the director’s career. However, ruined her career as an actress sofia coppolathe filmmaker’s daughter Criticism was not kind to her acting work in the third part of the franchise. But Sofia overcame the bad reviews and, in her place, she focused her efforts on starting her path as a director by making great films like the virgin suicides (1999) years Lost in translation (2003).

‘Fantastic four’

It was the year 2015 when the team of the Fantastic fourbut the audience didn’t think it was the best choice. Specialized critics swept the film by pointing it out as one of the most boring stories of Marvel superheroesthey even dubbed it “The Pathetic Four.” The film, directed by Josh Trank, did not come cheap for Marvel as it cost 120 million dollars (mdd), obtaining much less at the box office.

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Roberto Benigni, we assume, has a pretty strong emotional connection with Pinocchio. This was demonstrated when in 2002 she got into the skin of the wooden doll despite the fact that she was already 50 years old. The audience and critics were not condescending at all with this creative exercise. Nonetheless, the film was submitted by Italy for that year’s Academy Awards but was not nominated. Benigni did not give up and appeared in 2019 as Geppetto in the version of Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone.

‘Life is Beautiful’

Sometimes such cases occur in Hollywood: a movie highly despised at the time becomes the jewel in the crown of the next generation. Frank Capra was one of the most respected filmmakers in America for movies like it happened one night (1934). However, Life is Beautiful (1946) was a tremendous flop when it was released in North American theaters, causing Capra’s career to decline. Years later, the film became a great classic around the world, even being shown every Christmas in the United States.

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